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Achmed the Ulčova Justice
Born 7.7.2001, HD a (0 / 1),
5KY1/P ZVV1, ZVV2, ZPS1,
FPr2, FPr3, CMKU/DS/42710/01

His Mother: Xia Ulčova of Justice
His Father: Kenny of Points

Ina Gymor
22.6.2004, HD a (0/0) , ZZO, ZVV1,IPO1,FPr1

Her Mother: Bea Gymor
Her Father: Ilko a.d. Königshöhle

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Some of the title definitions:
ZVV 1, 2, 3 > Czech and Slovak (ZVV/SVV) title system is a utility dog system. More realistic and demanding on all levels as compared to the thousands of dog's that acquire a SchH3. Only 3 to 5 dog's yearly attain the ZVV3 title. This title includes long, detailed tracking phases, full obedience and extensive protection on and off leash.
ZPS > Special Tracking title.
IPO 1 > Beginning Level - International Schutzhund Trial Rules 
ZZP > Search & Rescue dog
German Shepherd Females
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Belgian Malinois Females
Belgian Malinois History
The Main Qualities which make the Belgian Malinois such a desirable breed are the easy-care coat, the medium size, and the keen intelligence. The breed has always been known for its trainability and many owners today are finding pleasure in training their Belgian Malinois for conformation, obedience, schutzhund, herding, sledding, and tracking, as well as to be family companions.
HIghlights from her pedigree:
Turcodos van de Duvetorre IPOIII, SchIII, FCI & WUBSC World Championships Representative 2000
Stoned van de Duvetorre IPOIII, FCI & WUBSC World Championships Representative 97, 98, 2000, WUBSC 1999
Newmanhaus Kennels

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Colby Von Mcilwain
Czech Republic (DDR) and Western European Working Lines
DOB: 29. June 2007
Hips: PennHip
Our plan is to get a couple imported females from Europe this spring.
Danica vom Newmanhaus
Dam born : 29 January 2012
Hips/Elbows: OFA good/normal
(World Class Working Lines)
Zoey Vom Newmanhaus
Western European Working Lines
Dam born: 20 November 2008